Eye Examinations



An Eye Health Examination is a procedure which determines your prescription for eyeglasses and is a health check of your eyes by an Optometrist. A complete eye exam is more than just an eye chart and involves a series of tests designed to evaluate your vision and check for eye diseases. The Optometrist will use a variety of instruments, shine bright lights directly at your eyes and request that you look through an array of lenses. Each test during an eye exam evaluates a different aspect of your vision or eye health.

Check out the links in this section for a complete outline of an Eye Health Examination. A comprehensive adult eye and vision examination will include, but is not limited to, the tests noted in the links. The professional judgement of the Optometrist along with the individual patient signs and symptoms may significantly influence the testing done. The Optometrist is trained to diagnose the underlying causes and to ensure a full scope of the eye is done and then determine if the patient should further see another healthcare provider, or eye specialist.

Many eye diseases are asymptomatic and not always present so it is imperative to have periodic and thorough eye examinations as part of your routine primary care. If you have any signs of disease, the Optometrist will refer you to a Doctor/Ophthalmologist for treatment.

Eye Health examinations are available at Sevenoaks Shopping Centre in Abbotsford, Cottonwood Mall in Chilliwack, Cherrylane Shopping Centre in Penticton, Royal City Centre in New Westminster and Pine Centre in Prince George.

We have Opticians on staff who are eye care professionals with at least two years of College certified training. Opticians are licensed by the B.C. College of Opticians and must adhere to the B.C. Health Act. Opticians are trained in the precise fitting of prescription lenses.


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