Since we have over 1,000 frames to choose from in each of our locations, trying on every frame could be somewhat tiresome and this is where our frame stylists step in to save you time and frustration.

We carry the very latest in eyewear and our stock is ever changing with the trends. We know you want to look your best because after all you wear your eyeglasses every day. It’s a mindset and a feeling of confidence when you’re wearing the perfect pair.

With a huge selection of brand names all at different price points, you will find the right product to suit your pocketbook and your own personal style.

Tell us what sparks your interest. It’s like trying a new hairstyle, you have something in mind and want to see if it will work for you. Talk to one of our experts as they will always go the extra mile to get you exactly what you are looking for.




If you think you can’t wear the latest sunglass design because you have a prescription, no worries.

There’s a sunglass for everyone.

Since your sunglasses need to fit your lifestyle and your personality, take a moment to think about what you expect from them.

We have a large selection of Designer sunglasses and most of these models can accommodate a prescription lens.

Other options for sun protection is a polarized clip on that will fit onto your existing prescription eyeglasses or frames such as an Easyclip that comes with a magnetic clip on that you can attach onto the front of your frame in a second. Come in and let our frame stylists show you the options.


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