Contact Lenses

We all know Leonardo DaVinci as a famous artist and inventor, but you may be interested to know he was the first to sketch the idea of an eye covering which we know as the contact lens.

Wouldn’t he be surprised to see how his idea has evolved and how many different types of contact lenses are on the market today?

For whatever the reason, we at Visions Optical know there may be days you just don’t feel like wearing eyeglasses. Contact lenses are an option, and hey, sometimes it’s nice to feel the wind in your face.



Tips for Contact Lens Wearers:

  • Always thoroughly wash and rinse hands prior to handling your contact lenses.
  • Always check that the contact lens is not inside out prior to inserting. If the lens forms a “U” with the top edges flaring outward then it’s inside out. If the lens forms just a “U” then it’s in the correct position. If you have a lens with a handling tint, look down at the lens and if it looks very blue (or green) it’s in the correct position and if there is really no noticeable tint then the lens is inside out. You will definitely feel a difference if your lens has been inserted the wrong way but don’t worry it cannot do damage.
  • Insert lenses prior to make-up application and prior to removing make-up. If you are standing in front of a sink when inserting or removing, place a clean paper towel to cover the drain in case the contact lens falls.
  • If you wear make up, put your contact lenses in prior to applying your make up and never apply eyeliner between your lashes and your eye. If you use powder eye shadow, close the eye you are working on so no powder will fall into that eye. Never use old make up for fear of the bacteria getting into your eyes and even worse being trapped behind a contact lens for hours.
  • Keep contact lenses moist at all times. If not in your eyes, they must be stored in solution in their case.
  • Always keep solution fresh in contact lens case.
  • Replace contact lens case every 3 months and clean case with a multi-purpose solution after each use.
  • Always keep a pair of eyeglasses with your current prescription on hand when wearing your contact lenses.

Why not give your designer eyeglasses the odd day off too and slip into one of the many comfortable contact lenses on the market today.
Visions Optical carries the top brands of contact lenses at very competitive pricing…
Why would you go anywhere else?

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